Alma Cubana Perfomance Teams

Below you will find information about each of Alma Cubana's performance current and past teams. If you have any interest in joining a performance team please contact us. We have special rates for new members of the teams to take groups of private lessons to catch up with the choreography and technique needed. We also have new teams starting every 3-6 months so you can take classes until you can join a new one. You can also read about some of the dancers you will see regularly in performances and helping at the studio by clicking here.

Ladies Performance Team

This is made up of 2 groups of ladies; one in Portland and one in kittery. They have been training since the Fall of 2017 and are looking forward to performing this Spring and Summer

Salsa Team

This is a group of our more advanced dancers, some of which have been with us since the beginning 3 years ago! We are working on the next shows and look forward to sharing them locally and at congresses this Summer.

Past teams and shows